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What Does Value-Added Tax Mean?

Value-added tax, or VAT, is a tax based on consumption. Unlike taxes levied on income, VAT applies to purchases of goods and services. It’s added to every point in the manufacturing and distribution process where the business added value to the product.

It’s generally paid by the customer on any purchases. The business must collect the VAT and remit it to the government. Not doing so can lead to penalties or even criminal charges.

Our VAT advisory services in Dubai focus on all VAT related matters with a qualified, experienced, and supportive tax agent to guide on your VAT issues. We ensure client-focused advisory services with a dedicate VAT team offering wide range of VAT related services. Our Tax advisory services in Dubai conduct specialized review on the current tax position of your business and provide relevant advice related to legal compliance.

Why companies need a VAT consultant?

  • Best VAT consultants in Dubai have remarkable knowledge of laws and regulations
  • Accurate VAT submission
  • VAT consultants minimize the time required for analysis and assessment
  • Reduce risk by finding the best alternatives to decrease the possible dangers related to VAT.

Why you should choose us as your VAT Consultants

We use the best tools to automate your VAT compliance process and make it as transparent as possible, Our qualified team is equipped with in-depth knowledge about the rules and regulations of VAT laws.

  • We Comply with all VAT laws – Being a customer-focused organization, our VAT consultants take care of all the accounting and compliance concerns. This helps business owners to focus on their core operations and other business promotion.
  • Expert handling of VAT processes – We ensure hassle-free VAT processes starting from VAT registration to any compliance issues. We simplify the process by reducing risk, calculating profit margin and every other aspect of VAT services.
  • Unique VAT services in UAE – We ensure full support in terms of VAT from advisory to reconsideration support. Equipped with complete language support, whether your VAT is simple or complicated, we ensure minimal business disruption.

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