Accounting Review Services

A critical component of a healthy business ecosystem is a stable and compliant financial system. This is achieved through thorough accounting reviews, which involve a meticulous assessment of a company's financial statements, accounting records and all other relevant financial data. These reviews ensure the accuracy and completeness of financial information, safeguarding the company's financial health and its adherence to regulations.

The recent implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) rules in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) necessitates even greater financial discipline for registered businesses. To ensure compliance with these regulations, companies must maintain meticulous and comprehensive records of their finances and daily activities. This includes meticulous tracking of all transactions subject to VAT, along with the timely submission of monthly and quarterly VAT reports. Furthermore, with the introduction of corporate tax in the UAE, employing the most appropriate accounting methods becomes even more critical.

The Federal Tax Authority’s (FTA) VAT law mandates strict adherence to its regulations.  Failure to comply, including errors in VAT calculations, can lead to significant fines and penalties for businesses operating in the UAE.  Regular accounting reviews can help identify and rectify such errors before they lead to non-compliance issues.

By taking a proactive approach through accounting reviews, businesses can ensure the  accuracy of their financial records,  maintain compliance with VAT and corporate tax regulations in the UAE, and ultimately,  foster a  stable financial foundation for long-term success.

Who Needs Accounting Review Services?

Accounting review services are beneficial for all kinds of companies, regardless of their size or sector. Nonetheless, they are especially crucial for companies: 

  • Looking for new lenders or investors
  • Wanting to divest or combine with another business
  • Governed by regulations
  • Possess intricate financial processes

Why Does Your Business Need Accounting Review Services?

Accuracy Assurance


Financial Transparency

Better Decision-Making

Why Choose Us?

Our accountants follow the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) to maintain systematic books of accounts. We offer accounting and bookkeeping services in the UAE that are tailored to our clients’ needs. Our accountants cover the following scope of work to provide high-quality and accurate bookkeeping services: 

  • Creating a chart of accounts based on the nature and structure of the business
  • Preparation and verification of balance sheet
  • Recording of monthly transactions, including sales, purchases, bank entries, etc.
  • Journal entries
  • Accounts receivables
  • Bank and other accounts reconciliation
  • Credit and debit adjustments
  • Accounts payable reporting
  • Analysis and reporting of financial statements

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