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Aspire to take your business global? Dubai, a vibrant business hub in the Middle East, presents a compelling opportunity for ambitious companies seeking international expansion. This strategically located city sits at the crossroads of continents, granting you access to vast trade routes and the burgeoning economies of Asia, Africa, and Europe. Beyond its location, Dubai is renowned for its investor-friendly environment. Streamlined processes, minimal bureaucracy and competitive tax rates make establishing a profitable foreign branch office faster and more efficient. Vista Corporate Group can be your trusted partner in navigating this exciting venture.

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As Dubai is a world-class city, it provides the infrastructure for smooth operations, from state-of-the-art transportation hubs to cutting-edge communication networks. However, navigating the legalities and intricacies of the Dubai market can be complex. That’s where Vista Corporate Group comes in. Our in-depth knowledge of the market and business landscape empowers you to leverage the city’s diverse talent and collaborate with industry leaders from across the globe.

Benefits of Setting up a Foreign Company Branch in Dubai


Great Location

Dubai is in a perfect spot, connecting Europe, Asia, and Africa. This makes it perfect for businesses wanting to reach customers in these areas.

Tax Advantages

Dubai has really good tax rules with no personal income tax and low corporate tax rates. This attracts businesses looking to lower their taxes.

Easy Setup Process

Dubai has rules that make it easy for businesses to start up, with simple processes and lots of support. There are also many free zones for businesses.

Modern Infrastructure

Dubai has top-notch facilities like modern transport, advanced communication systems, and excellent logistics.

Skilled Workers

In Dubai, there are smart and educated candidates, including many from different countries, making up a skilled workforce.

Global Access

Dubai's strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa provides unparalleled access to key markets, facilitating trade and business expansion opportunities.

Business-Friendly Environment

Dubai's pro-business policies, investor-friendly regulations, and efficient government services make it an ideal destination for foreign companies seeking to establish a presence in the region.

Vista Business Setup can assist you in setting up your foreign company branch in the UAE. Contact us for a free consultation!

Steps for Setting up a Foreign Branch Office in Dubai


setting up a foreign branch office in Dubai

Trade Name Reservation

Reserve Your Trade Name for Your Foreign Branch in Dubai. Ensure your unique brand presence in the vibrant market of Dubai.

Submit Owner's passport copy

Submit passport copies of the branch office owners to the relevant authorities.

Submit your Visa or Emirates ID

If you are a UAE resident you can submit your ID otherwise you have to submit your Visa.

Get Initial Approval

Obtain Initial Business License Approval for Your Foreign Branch in Dubai.

Get Tenancy Contract (Ejari)

Tenancy contract or Ejari is the proof of your physical address in the UAE.

Sign a Memorandum of Association (MOA)

Sign the Memorandum of Association (MOA) for Your Foreign Branch in Dubai.

Pay the Fees

After submitting all the documents you have to pay the fees.

Get your License

After completing all the steps you can receive your foreign company license.

Proceed with Your Visa

Apply for residence visas so that you can legally stay in the UAE.

Documents Required to Open a Branch Office in Dubai

While setting up your company as a foreign company branch, the following documents are required to be submitted to the concerned authority: 

  • Passport copies of the shareholders and directors of the company
  •  Visa Copy or Emirates ID 
  •  Incorporation Certificate 
  •  Certificate of Continuity, Existence or Good Standing 
  •  BR (Board Resolution) from the parent Company
  •  MOA and AOA of Parent Company 
  •  NOC from External Authorities (if required) 
  •  Power of Attorney (if needed)

Frequently Asked Questions

A branch office is a business entity established by a foreign company to conduct business in Dubai. Unlike subsidiary companies, a branch office operates as an extension of the parent company and does not have separate legal status.

The minimum requirements typically include obtaining initial approval from relevant authorities, appointing a local service agent (where applicable), submitting necessary documents (such as a board resolution, memorandum of association, and certificate of incorporation), and complying with regulatory requirements.

Branch offices in Dubai can engage in activities that are similar or complementary to the parent company's core business activities. However, certain activities may require specific licenses or approvals from regulatory authorities.

Advantages include leveraging the parent company's reputation and expertise, having direct control over operations, avoiding the need for a separate legal entity, and benefiting from Dubai's business-friendly environment and infrastructure.

The timeline for establishing a branch office varies depending on factors such as the completeness of documentation, regulatory approvals, and processing times. On average, it can take several weeks to a few months to complete the setup process.

Yes, branch offices in Dubai can open bank accounts and conduct financial transactions, subject to compliance with banking regulations and requirements set by financial institutions.

Ongoing compliance requirements include renewing the trade license annually, filing annual financial statements, maintaining proper accounting records, and complying with regulatory requirements set by relevant authorities.