Corporate Tax Services in Dubai

At Vista Auditing and Accounting, our Corporate Tax services in UAE are designed to support businesses in navigating the tax landscape effectively. With a deep understanding of local regulations and international standards, our expert team offers tailored solutions to optimize tax efficiency and ensure compliance.

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Corporate tax services in Dubai offer invaluable support to businesses navigating the complexities of the country’s tax landscape. The UAE presents unique opportunities and challenges for businesses seeking to optimize their tax position while ensuring compliance with local regulations. Vista Auditing and Accounting specializes in offering tailored solutions to address the specific needs of companies operating within this dynamic environment. From tax planning and structuring to compliance management and advisory services, these providers leverage their expertise to help businesses navigate tax-related matters effectively.

What We Can Do For You

  • Represent your businesses in dealings with tax authorities for assessments, appeals, and cases involving searches and seizures.
  • Calculate taxes in advance.
  • Ensure compliance with tax obligations under Corporate Tax laws.
  • Submit returns for Corporate taxes.
  • Handle global taxation and transfer pricing.
  • Train the staff and evaluate your business readiness.
  • Get your business ready for Corporate Tax Audits.
  • Define and implement policies related to transfer pricing, operating model, capital structure, tax function, and more.

Benefits of Our Corporate Tax Services

Correct Calculation and Submission of Taxes

Calculation of Corporate Tax and submission is a complex process. Using the Corporate Tax services brings the expertise of tax calculation and submission.

Effective Tax Planning

Corporate Tax services provide up-to-date and accurate advice in Tax planning and thereby getting maximum savings.

Adherence to Tax Laws and Regulations

Corporate Tax services offer assistance and strategies to comply with tax laws and regulations dictated by the government.

Prevention of Penalties for Not Complying with Tax Requirements

Not abiding by tax requirements will attract heavy penalties, however using Corporate Tax Services ensures your business is tax compliant.

Access to Expert Guidance on Matters Related to Taxes

The Corporate Tax Services are rendered by experts and people with deep tax knowledge. Using these services will be a great help in matters related to taxes.

Guidance Through Transfer Pricing

Don't let complex transfer pricing regulations hinder your global operations. Vista Accounting and Auditing provides expert guidance, ensuring your cross-border transactions are compliant and minimize tax risks.

Corporate Tax Services: Our Comprehensive Approach

Tax Planning

Based on the assessment, the consultant suggests strategies to save on taxes and opportunities to reduce your tax liability.

Tax Planning

Based on the assessment, the consultant suggests strategies to save on taxes and opportunities to reduce your tax liability.

Analysing Transfer Pricing

We meticulously analyse your intercompany transactions to ensure they comply with arm’s length principles, minimising tax risks and maximising your global tax efficiency.

Assessment of Tax Obligations

A tax consultant examines your business activities and financial records to identify the taxes your business needs to pay.

Preparation and Filing of Tax Returns

The tax consultant audits financial reports and submits tax returns on behalf of your business, ensuring accuracy and compliance with tax rules.

Payment of Taxes

The consultant ensures your business pays taxes on time and in the correct amount.

Ongoing Support and Advice

The tax consultant offers continuous support and advice on tax-related matters, ensuring your business remains compliant with tax regulations.

Industries We Serve

UAE Corporate Tax Rates 

The corporate income tax rates in UAE are as follows:

No Tax on Corporate Income Up to AED 375,000

According to government regulation 1 June 2023 companies earning annual net profit up to AED 375,000 will not have to pay any corporate tax. This measure is taken to startups and small businesses in Dubai. However, a return still needs to be filed.

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A 9% Tax on Corporate Income Exceeding AED 375,000

On the other hand companies with annual net profit above AED 375,000 will need to pay the Corporate Tax at a standard Statutory rate of 9%.

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Small Business Relief

Small businesses on the mainland with less than 3 million turnovers have a 0% corporate tax on their net profits.

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Key Financial Services

Withholding Tax Advisory

Our Withholding Tax Advisory service is designed to help businesses navigate complex withholding tax regulations and optimize their tax obligations.

Permanent Establishment Advisory

Our Permanent Establishment Advisory service offers strategic guidance to businesses navigating the complexities of establishing a permanent presence in foreign jurisdictions.

Foreign Tax Credit Advisory

Our Foreign Tax Credit Advisory service provides businesses with strategic guidance on optimizing their tax positions in foreign jurisdictions.

Double Taxation Avoidance Advisory

Our Double Taxation Avoidance Advisory service offers businesses strategic guidance on navigating complex international tax laws to mitigate the risk of double taxation.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, if the company’s net annual profit is less than AED 375,000 no corporate tax needs to be paid.

For businesses earning above AED 375,000 annual net profit are liable to pay 9% corporate tax.

The prime factor is annual net profit. However the tax calculation is not a straightforward process. Speak to us for more details.

Incorrectly computing tax may result in paneties and/or legal action. Hiring a tax consultant will help you avoid this.

The standard rate for VAT is 5%. Companies with a certain revenue threshold are required to pay VAT.

In the UAE primary authority is The Federal Tax Authority (FDA) who will provide the information. Alternatively a tax consultant is a better choice as tax advisors can offer you dedicated support in tax-related matters.