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Dubai Holding Companies offer a strategic advantage for businesses seeking growth. By establishing one, you can diversify your portfolio, manage multiple companies under one entity, and streamline operations for greater efficiency. At Vista Corporate Group, we simplify the setup process, ensuring legal compliance.

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Dubai, a key player in the UAE’s booming business scene, offers the perfect environment for Holding Companies to thrive. Its strategic location unlocks global markets and investment opportunities, while robust infrastructure and investor-friendly policies create a smooth operating environment. A Dubai Holding Company empowers you to achieve your business goals. Consolidate assets, streamline operations, and diversify investments – all under one efficient structure. Partner with Vista Corporate Group to navigate the establishment process and unwrap the full potential of your business aspirations in Dubai.

Benefits of Starting a Holding Company in Dubai

100% Ownership

A holding company can be setup for both investment and ownership with a full 100% ownership.

Tax Efficiency

Dubai's tax-friendly environment, with no corporate or personal income tax, makes it an attractive location for holding companies seeking tax optimization strategies.

Asset Protection

Holding companies provide a layer of asset protection, shielding assets from liabilities incurred by subsidiary companies, thereby reducing financial risk.

Diversification of Investments

Holding companies allow for diversification of investments across different sectors and regions, spreading risk and maximizing returns.

Centralized Management

By centralizing management and decision-making processes, holding companies can streamline operations and improve efficiency across their subsidiaries.

Facilitated Business Expansion

Holding companies in Dubai benefit from the emirate's business-friendly policies and infrastructure, making it easier to expand operations regionally and globally.

Wealth Preservation

Holding companies can facilitate wealth preservation and succession planning by structuring assets and investments in a tax-efficient manner.

Capital Raising Opportunities

Dubai's robust financial sector and investor-friendly regulations provide ample opportunities for holding companies to raise capital through equity financing, debt financing, or other means.

Strategic Partnerships

Dubai's dynamic business ecosystem fosters collaboration and partnerships, enabling holding companies to forge strategic alliances with industry players, government entities, and international organizations, driving growth and innovation.

Documents Required for Setting up a Holding Company in Dubai

To get a holding company license and start running a company in Dubai, you need the following documents: 

  • Passport copies of the shareholders and directors of the company 
  •  Visa Copy or Emirates ID 
  •  Incorporation Certificate 
  •  Certificate of Continuity, Existence or Good Standing 
  •  BR (Board Resolution) from the parent Company
  •  MOA and AOA of Parent Company 
  •  NOC from External Authorities (if required) 
  •  Power of Attorney (if required)

Frequently Asked Questions

A holding company is a type of business entity that owns and controls other companies, known as subsidiaries. In Dubai, holding companies play a crucial role in strategic investment, asset management, and diversification of business interests across various sectors and regions.

The minimum requirements to start a holding company in Dubai include having a minimum share capital, appointing a local sponsor or service agent (if establishing in mainland Dubai), and complying with regulatory requirements set by the relevant authorities.

The steps involved in starting a holding company in Dubai typically include choosing a suitable business activity, selecting a company name, preparing the necessary documents (such as memorandum and articles of association), obtaining initial approvals, and registering with the relevant authorities.

Foreign investors are allowed to set up a holding company in Dubai subject to fulfilling jurisdictional requirements and regulations.

Typically holding companies are engaged in financially supporting subsidiaries, owning and managing subsidiaries and strategic decision making for their subsidiaries.

Ongoing compliance requirements for holding companies in Dubai include renewing the trade license annually, filing annual financial statements, maintaining proper accounting records, and complying with regulatory requirements set by relevant authorities.

There are no share capital requirements to set up a holding company in Dubai.

Yes, holding companies in Dubai can hold assets and investments both within and outside the UAE, subject to compliance with local regulations and any applicable international laws.

Holding companies in Dubai can engage in a wide range of business activities, including holding shares in other companies, real estate investments, intellectual property licensing, and providing management services to subsidiaries. However, certain activities may require specific licenses or approvals from regulatory authorities.