Professional License in Dubai

Dubai's booming market is brimming with possibilities for skilled individuals like you. A professional license is your key, unlocking the door to a world of independence and professional growth. It allows you to:

  • Become Your Boss:
  • Operate independently and build a business that reflects your vision.
  • Showcase Your Expertise:
  • Gain access to a diverse clientele and establish yourself in Dubai's dynamic market.
  • Build New Opportunities:
  • Break free from limitations and explore limitless possibilities.

A professional license is vital to legally operating your business and establishing yourself in this thriving market. Vista Corporate Group can guide you through the professional license application process. With our expertise, you can navigate the legalities and secure the license that empowers your business success in Dubai. This license gives you credibility and the opportunity to showcase your talents to a diverse and vibrant market.

Why Choose Dubai for Your Professional License?

Strategic Location

Dubai is geographically located right between the European and Asian countries. Cross-border and cross- economies trade becomes easier when you choose Dubai for your Professional License.

Business-Friendly Environment

With numerous local and international companies you get countless business options making the whole experience a Business-Friendly one.

Tax Benefits

You are required to pay Income Tax or Corporate Tax separately (if certain criteria is met) when you have a Dubai Mainland Professional License.

Benefits of a Professional License in Dubai


A professional license allows individuals to operate their own business independently, giving them control over their career and financial future.

100% Foreign Ownership

Dubai is focused on attracting more FDI (Foreign Direct Investment). As a result you can enjoy 100% foreign ownership with the Dubai Mainland License.


Professionals with a license have the flexibility to work on various projects or with multiple clients, depending on their expertise and availability.

Access to Contracts

Many clients and organizations prefer to work with licensed professionals, providing access to lucrative contracts and opportunities for growth.

Networking Opportunities

Licensed professionals have access to networking events, industry associations, and professional organizations, facilitating connections with peers, mentors, and potential clients.

Legal Compliance

Operating with a professional license ensures compliance with local regulations and laws, reducing the risk of legal issues or penalties.

A professional license in Dubai allows activities carried out by service providers, artisans, or craftsmen, examples of such activities include accounting services, beauty salons, and consultancy services.

Easy Steps To Obtain a Professional License in Dubai

Steps To Obtain The Dubai Mainland Professional License 
Choose a Business Activity

To start you need to finalize the nature and type of business activity that you plan to undertake.

Select a Legal Form

Finalize the legal entity for your business. For instance is it going to be a Sole Proprietorship or a Limited Liability Company.

Choose a Business Name

Once you have submitted the legal form and obtained initial approval choose a name for your business. This name should comply and meet the naming standards.

Apply for Initial Approval Certificate

You need to submit the required application to the Dubai government for an initial approval certificate for the professional license.

Select a Business Location

To verify where the company is physically located.

Get License Approvals

Department of Economic Development (DED) approval is required for the license to be issued.

Receive the License

Once all the documents are submitted and license fees are paid keep a track of your application to know you will receive the Professional License.

Prepare Legal Documents

Prepare the required documents for the professional license.

Cost of Mainland Professional License

The cost will vary on different factors but the basic cost of applying for a professional license in Dubai is about AED 10,000 to AED 15,000

This cost includes – 

  1. 1. Administrative service charges
  2. 2. Market and trade name fees
  3. 3. Actual License fees
  4. 4. Any other charges levied by the government.

    This cost of Professional License vary based on factors like inflation, type of business activity, location, number of employees

    Documents Required to Obtain a Professional License in Dubai

    For a professional license in the UAE, the required documents include: 

    • Passport copies
    • Passport photos of the shareholders and directors of the company
    • Completed license application form
    • Initial approval certificate
    • Business name reservation certificate
    • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
    • Tenancy contract
    • Required NOC letter from the current sponsor (If the shareholder is an employee, NOC is required from a company on letterhead)
    • Education and professional qualifications
    • Approvals from relevant industry authorities

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A professional license is a legal document that allows individuals to conduct professional services or consultancy activities in Dubai. It is required for professionals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, consultants, and other service providers.

    Holding a professional license in Dubai offers numerous benefits, including legal compliance, enhanced credibility, access to business opportunities, networking opportunities, and market differentiation.

    There are various types of professional licenses available in Dubai, depending on the nature of the business activities. These may include licenses for healthcare professionals, legal consultants, engineers, management consultants, and more.

    The requirements for obtaining a professional license in Dubai typically include submitting the necessary documents, such as passport copies, educational certificates, experience certificates, a business plan, and proof of professional qualifications.

    Yes, you can operate your business from a virtual office with a professional license in Dubai. However, certain activities may require a physical office space, depending on the nature of the business.

    The costs associated with obtaining and maintaining a professional license in Dubai may include license issuance fees, trade name reservation fees, office rent for Ejari registration, visa fees for shareholders and employees, and other miscellaneous expenses.

    A professional license in Dubai is typically valid for one year, with the option to renew annually upon fulfilling the renewal requirements set by the Department of Economic Development (DED) or the relevant licensing authority.