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Benefits of setting up your business with the trusted
Business Setup Consultants in Dubai

100% Control
of your Business

Physical presence is not required to register company in Dubai

Assistance to open your UAE corporate & personal bank account

Corporate & Personal tax Structures designed for tax optimization

Company setup can take as
little as 3 days

Complete confidentiality
& privacy assured

Why Set up your business with the
Expert Business Setup Consultants in Dubai?

Vista, a leading Business setup consultant in Dubai, is poised to guide you through establishing a business in the Dubai Free Zone or Mainland. We offer comprehensive solutions for business setup across Dubai and the UAE. Our commitment to delivering stellar results ensures your business journey is smooth, making your aspirations tangible.

With its vast business opportunities, Dubai can make the task of selecting a specific business entity overwhelming. With the expertise of Vista, the trusted Business setup consultants in Dubai, navigate these choices, pinpoint your target opportunities, and efficiently secure a business license in the UAE.

Recognized as the premier firm among Business setup consultants in Dubai, Vista emphasizes a risk-free, cost-effective, and transparent business structure tailored to your company’s needs. We simplify establishing a business in the UAE with competitive packages. Trust in the expert guidance of Vista for comprehensive support in obtaining a business trade license in Dubai and throughout the UAE.

Confident Business Setup Consultants in Dubai -

Business Centre Services

Our Bespoke offices cater to the unique needs of modern businesses.

UAE Golden Visa

We can assist with your Golden Visa application for permanent residency in Dubai.

Account Opening Assistance

We can assist with opening a corporate bank account in Dubai for your financial needs.

PRO Services

Assisting with obtaining, renewing, and canceling licenses.

Ejari Services

Assisting you with the registration and timely renewal of tenancy contracts.

Business Licenses

We will assist you in obtaining your trade license in Dubai, UAE.

How much does it cost to Setup a Business in Dubai?

We’ll show you how easy the process is and why we’re the premier Business setup consultants in Dubai.

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Venkat Venkat
Venkat Venkat
Services received from the vista corporate group was amazing 😍 Special thanks to Jigar Patel to make our journey more comfortable.
abdul manaf6
abdul manaf6
Best Pro service Thanks to Abdul Mehafuze.
Asa Khezri
Asa Khezri
I have done my company labor card and immigration card and work permit with them and it was the most professional and fast and responsive work, and special thanks to Mr. Abdul for his perfect service and Mr. Hitesh the company owner.
Tanisha Khimavat
Tanisha Khimavat
Good services offered by Vista Corporate global business, especially the staff. They are very humble and polite. I had applied for golden visa and they offered me a very good price for it.
Nezla backer
Nezla backer
They are reliable, honest and offers best services. Perfect ambience with standard facilities. A perfect place for business startups. They made everything so easy and the staffs are very polite and helpful.
Adil 123
Adil 123
Good work
hashik hazeed
hashik hazeed
Great service
Frequently Asked Questions

Free zone companies have restrictions that limit their operations to within a specific area. their designated free zones and international markets, while mainland companies can conduct domestic and international business. Previously, a mainland company required a local sponsor to hold a 51% stake.

However, under the updated Commercial Companies Law, foreign investors can fully own their mainland businesses, barring specific sectors like oil, gas, and banking.

Benefits of establishing a mainland company include:

  • Full foreign ownership for most ventures
  • Complete profit repatriation
  • No income tax
  • Access to a broad range of over 3,000 business activities
  • Unrestricted trade across the UAE and globally
  • Eligibility to apply for government contracts and tenders
  • Potential for an unlimited number of visas
  • Swift bank account approval process.

The UAE has introduced a low corporate tax rate of 9% on June 1, 2023. All businesses must do three things to comply with the new tax law:

  1. Register for corporate tax from June 2023 onwards.
  2. Keep proper accounting records.
  3. File a corporate tax submission with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

While not all businesses will have to pay corporate tax, every business – including freelancers and free zone companies – must comply with these three steps.

Also referred to as a business license, a trade license is a document that specifies the activities that a company can carry out in the UAE.

There are three main types of licenses:

  • Professional license – For professionals, craftsmen and artisans
  • Commercial license – For all trading activities
  • Industrial license – For all industrial and manufacturing activities

A mainland trade license is renewed annually. A free zone license, on the other hand, has a different validity period depending on the free zone authority. This can range from one to five years.

The requirements may vary depending on which jurisdiction you will set up your company (free zone or mainland), but the basic documents include:

  • Attested copy of shareholder and director passports
  • Proof of address
  • Minimum 3 months’ bank statement
  • Education certificates (if applicable)
  • Certificate of share capital deposit (if required)

Foreign nationals who want to operate a business in the UAE need a visa, which will allow them to legally reside in the country. Here are the three types of visas you can secure (depending on the jurisdiction):

  • Investor visa – For businesses with only one shareholder (Sole Ownership)
  • Partner visa – For businesses with multiple shareholders
  • Employment visa – Issued by certain free zones with different designations, such as General Manager or Director.

Once your trade license is issued, you will then receive your establishment card (some jurisdictions automatically issue the establishment card, while others issue it upon request).

After your establishment card has been issued, you can proceed with applying for a visa. You will need to submit the following documents:

  • Passport copy
  • Digital photo (passport size)
  • Entry permit
  • Current visa status (optional for those who are already inside the country)