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We are Vista Corporate Group – leading business setup consultants in Dubai. If you have plans to start a business in Dubai, speak to us and we will be more than happy to assist you.  Starting from finding the best location for your office space, and sorting out the required documents for all necessary approvals such as specific business license registration and approval, visa processing, immigration services and all legal formalities will be taken care of by us. 

Vista Corporate Group is among the best business setup consultants in Dubai. We assist you with the legal aspects of your preferred location for your company by listening to all the important business details in advance.Choose us for the best business setup services in Dubai.

Choose the Best Company Setup Options for Your Business Growth

Mainland Company Formation

Explore limitless possibilities with Vista Corporate Group’s expert guidance in Mainland company formation in Dubai. Setting up a company in Dubai Mainland offers a broad scope for your business. Enjoy the benefits that Dubai Mainland has to offer with its location flexibility and freedom to trade anywhere in the diverse world of UAE. While company formation in Dubai Mainland might require a deep understanding of the process, our expert consultants are here to assist and make the process stress-free for you.

Free Zone Company Formation

Explore limitless possibilities with Vista Corporate Group’s expert guidance in Free Zone company formation in Dubai. If you are looking for a unique and attractive opportunity to establish your business in Dubai with extensive benefits under a budget, the Dubai Free Zone area is the best option for you. Free Zone locations have become a major hub for trade in Dubai because of the support initiatives provided by the UAE Government and the Free Zone Authorities. Enjoy the tax-free benefits of a Free Zone location by contacting us for your business setup processes.

Offshore Company Formation

Explore limitless possibilities with Vista Corporate Group’s expert guidance in Offshore company formation in Dubai. Offshore company formation is a strategic move for businesses aiming for global expansion and tax benefits. Today, the UAE is the top choice for starting businesses, especially for creating offshore companies. Start your business today in the fastest-growing jurisdictions in the world and enjoy the privileges of an investor-friendly location to grow your business.

Benefits of Setting Up a Company in Dubai 

Strategic Location

Dubai is geographically surrounded by developing countries and developed countries. Strategically starting a company in Dubai will bridge the gap and get these economies closer. In the process of doing so Dubai flourishes as a global market.

Tax benefits 

The free tax zone corporate regime enables tax benefits to those companies which meet certain conditions. With the recent government announcement dated 1 June 2023, the tax regime is designed in accordance with global best practices reducing the compliance burden on business.


Minimum and simplified taxes make running a business cost effective in Dubai. A coworking space setup helps reduce overhead costs as it is not required to set up a fully furnished facility dedicated to your company.

Access to a diverse consumer market

Dubai’s population is more than three million which throws open limitless business opportunities to cater the needs of the consumers.

Business friendly location

With its open economic policies Dubai is definitely a business friendly location. Dubai has world class infrastructure to help companies grow beyond the middle east.

Global networking

Dubai being right in between the developed economies of Europe and Asia serves as the gateway for the global market. As the world is becoming more and more interdependent Dubai plays a key role in facilitating global business.

Easy Business setup 

Setting up a business in Dubai is that much easier as the registration process is fast. Being an entrepreneur in Dubai you enjoy benefits like zero income and corporate tax, currency stability and a jurisdiction with a high reputation.

Advanced technologies

Dubai has a culture which is open to emerging technologies. This helps in building a global infrastructure giving exposure the business trade across the world. Your expert professionals at Vista Corporate Group for company formation in Dubai

Our expertise lies in simplifying the process of your company formation. We also work closely with all government agencies to make sure your business setup complies with the rules and regulations of the required agencies and offer our customised solutions to your business needs.

Company Formation in Dubai

Starting a business in Dubai as a foreigner might feel like a challenge for you hence, opting for an experienced business consultant is the best way to succeed. Vista Corporate business consultant offers comprehensive support from the beginning to the end of your business setup.

Easy Process to Setup your Company in Dubai

  • Select a business activity 
  • Select the location, Mainland, Offshore or Free Zone
  • Prepare legal structure
  • Approvals for your company
  • Apply for license
  • Register your company
  • Obtain a bank account 

Vista Corporate Group Will Assist You With

Business Services tailored to your business.
Our corporate services stand out as a beacon of excellence. We understand the nuances of the local market and the intricacies of its regulatory framework.

Business Setup

Business setup in Dubai provides access to the diverse market of the UAE. Dubai as a strategic location for company formation allows various benefits for businesses, majorly tax-benefits.

Business License

There are multiple business licenses by DED for companies, depending on your business type and location. The most common corporate licenses are industrial license, professional license, tourism and commercial license.

Company License Renewal

Company license renewals in Dubai, depending on your business activity are required after a year of acquiring it. Every license-issuing authority issues a license for businesses for only one year to avoid legal complications.


Setting up a business in Dubai has its advantages like geographic location, tax benefits, 100 % foreign ownership, and so on. There are quite a lot of steps involved before you can start with one. We at Vista Corporate Group with our expertise and enthusiastic team members help you to turn your dream into reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

We help you right from planning, analysis to getting your business registered by obtaining a valid license.

Right from tourism, real estate to logistics and technology, there is a wide spectrum of business activities that can be done in Dubai.

Legal procedures have their set format to be followed. We at Vista Corporate Group guide you at every step so that you can smoothly set up your business.

Definitely, that is what we are here for. Simply let us know the market niche you are planning to jump into and will provide all the necessary information to assist you.

The consultation charges vary based on the services you require to start a business in Dubai. We have different packages for different services. Talk to us for more details.

Your business is protected by government policies. Dubai Government welcomes foreign investors and is open to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).