Founders Roadmap

3 May 2024
By Hitesh Bagmar

Founders Roadmap

Vista Corporate Group Managing Director To Launch New Book “Founders Roadmap”

Vista Corporate Group Founder and Managing Director, Hitesh Bagmar announced today that he will launch a new book on starting a business in the Dubai, called “Founders Roadmap.” From the expert business setup consultant in the UAE, this book will be a comprehensive resource for aspiring entrepreneurs to set up a business in Dubai. It will lead entrepreneurs and guide them step-by-step to get started immediately and save hundreds of dollars in the process. 

Starting a business in the UAE is actually quite easy. There are a few things one must be careful about. It can feel a bit time-consuming and tedious at start. Once an entrepreneur knows about the important considerations, they can fast-track their setup and flourish in the city’s vibrant ecosystem. The book will help entrepreneurs set up a mainland business, Freezone business, and offshore business in Dubai. It will be an in-depth read providing a practical step-by-step guide to starting a business in the UAE.  

More and more people want to own a business in the UAE, but starting your own business can be hugely intimidating. Hitesh Bagmar knew this feeling really well, but has since discovered the right strategies to successfully establish a business in the UAE. 

The new book, “Founders Roadmap,” offers an in-depth process of overcoming obstacles while setting up a business in Dubai and making your dreams a reality. In this book, step-by-step Hitesh shows what it takes to build a successful business in UAE. By demystifying what it takes to commence a business, turning risk into an opportunity, the book will be a beginning of an entrepreneurs journey to successful entrepreneurship in Dubai. 

In this soon-to-be-launched book, Hitesh Bagmar uses deep expertise and a thorough understanding of the business landscape in Dubai to guide entrepreneurs through every step of the business process. He has been successful in ensuring seamless operations and achieving long-term success, and he believes his book readers can do the same. 

By following “Founders Roadmap,” in which Hitesh shares tailored solutions, how businesses can navigate legal requirements, obtain legal licenses, unlock new opportunities, and drive success in the highly competitive marketplace of Dubai. Businesses can get exceptional results and enjoy efficient business setups in Dubai with the help of this read from the Managing Director of Vista Corporate Group. 

This book on starting a business in the UAE pioneers the idea of comprehensive company formation for businesses seeking to establish their presence in Dubai. Young entrepreneurs, students learning about start-ups, and even established entrepreneurs looking for continuous support and guidance can benefit from reading this book. It will serve as a perfect choice for them. 

Hitesh Bagmar, the Founder and Managing Director of Vista Corporate Group and one of Dubai’s most respected and experienced entrepreneurs, offers essential advice on building or running a business without limitations in the UAE. Armed with an MBA in Finance and Accounting, Hitesh follows a practical approach to managing every problem, which business schools forget to cover in their syllabus, has been discussed very mindfully in the book.

While many people share how simple it really is to commence a business in the UAE, very few people are actually honest about what it takes to run a business in Dubai. Hitesh Bagmar analyses these problems and shares his insights on how to develop and manage a business in the UAE. A visionary entrepreneur, he amplifies business lessons with great advice, telling everything in a synchronized manner, sustaining his MD mentality to know how to establish a business that brings the cash in.  

Filled with his straight talk and trademark intellect, “Founders Roadmap,” is invaluable for veteran entrepreneurs and aspirers, drawing from Hitesh’s personal and Vista Corporate Group’s widespread experience. It is a blueprint for entrepreneurs to stop worrying about starting a business in the UAE and establish themselves, as shown by the Managing Director of UAE’s acclaimed business setup consultancy. 

“Our book will serve as a treasure trove of practical wisdom. It sums up everything from setting up a business in the Mainland to starting a company in any of the 50+ free zones in Dubai,” says Hitesh Bagmar, the Founder and MD of Vista Corporate Group.

Over the years, the Vista Corporate Group, under the guidance of its Managing Director has become one of UAE’s most trusted expert business setup consultants in Dubai. The thriving enterprise located in The Exchange Tower at Business Bay, Dubai, has since won immense acclaim for its exceptional expertise and tailored solutions. 

Through client success stories and hard-earned lessons from Vista Corporate Group’s team of highly qualified business setup experts with extensive experience in their respective fields, Hitesh shares the learning philosophies. He offers a blueprint for any entrepreneur who wants to start their business in the UAE – and helps them prepare for it. 

At a time when Dubai is flourishing, many entrepreneurs are reaching out to top-rated consultancies like Vista Corporate Group to gain essential insights to establish a business in Dubai. The new book by its Managing Director explores the most urgent and necessary information to guide entrepreneurs in the right direction. 

Perfect for anyone who wishes to start, own, or run a business in the UAE, the book explores a range of challenges and business-leading aspects. All this helps entrepreneurs start a profitable business in the region. Aspiring and practicing entrepreneurs can gain deep understanding of establishing a business in Dubai. It is a step-by-step guide that lets entrepreneurs identify how to run a business in Dubai. 

The author of “Founders Roadmap,” Hitesh Bagmar, has combed through hundreds of books, articles, case studies, and experience to come up with its content. The book even features real-life success stories from people who have previously benefitted from the author’s tips and strategies. Entrepreneurs can read this book to build their company for enduring success. 

The leading expert provides insights and advice that will inspire entrepreneurs to understand what makes entrepreneurs tick in the UAE. Entrepreneurs can adopt lean startup practices to formulate a company and run a great business in Dubai, UAE.